Transport infrastructure of Russia

September 19-20, 2018
Moscow, International Multimedia Press Center of Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency

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  • Organaizer: PPP Center
  • Co-organizer: Roskongress
  • Supported by: Rosavtodor
  • General partner: Gazprombank
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19th of September 2018 Business program

Time Activity
9:30–10:30 Registration, coffee
Intellectual debates “Digitalization of the transport complex: the future behind the "smart "infrastructure”
Topics for discussion:
• Implementation plans for the Transportation section of the Smart City roadmap as part of the Digital Economy program
• Setting up a federal automated system for truck weight and dimension control
• Unified digital transport complex platform: potential effects
• Development of unmanned transport: the needs of IT suppliers and the capabilities of infrastructure holders
• New opportunities for "digital" PPP projects in the transport sphere
Roll up
Round table “Public- partnerships in light rail – transparent rates and predictable revenues”
Topics for discussion:
• Building a light rail network within an agglomeration – in an integrated manner or step-by-step?
• Is it necessary to revise the light rail route network to implement a PPP project?
• Options for transport municipal unitary enterprises under a concession agreement
• Interim results of the first light rail projects under concession agreements
• Light rail project specifics in major agglomerations
Roll up
Open discussion “Models to attract private investors in the port infrastructure of Russia”
Topics for discussion:
• Implementation of a comprehensive approach to developing port infrastructure
• Throughput capacity of transport infrastructure adjacent to ports
• Current regulatory restrictions on port infrastructure development
• Analysis of port infrastructure utilization efficiency – privatization or PPP?
• Specifics of sea and river port development in view of PPP mechanisms
Roll up
12:30–13:00 Coffee break
13:00 – 15:00
Strategic session “Integration of Russia into international transport corridors”
Topics for discussion:
• Impact of international transport corridors on regional economy: development of industrial clusters
• Key sections of transport corridors in Russia: investor attraction specifics
• Growth of cross-border cargo traffic, transit traffic revenues, reduction in dependence on sea routes, shorter freight times, and other potential benefits from ITC (Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia)
Roll up
Panel discussion “Roads & Money. How many need regions in kilometers and rubles?”
Topics for discussion:
• How to achieve the targets for the development of the road network?
• First results of regional PPP projects with federal support
• Promising PPP highway projects to be implemented in region
• PPP vs. government contracts. Most profitable ways to develop a regional and intercity highway network
• The Development Fund vs. the Federal Road Fund. Which to choose?
• Search for investors and search for money lenders – simultaneously or consecutively?
Roll up
Focus group “Revamping airport infrastructure and expanding internal air routes”
Topics for discussion:
• Current experience and perspective regional PPP projects in airports. What should I look for?
• Improving performance and boosting demand for small airports to attract investors: ensuring transport accessibility, boosting non-aviation revenues, providing benefits, and cooperating with other investment projects in the region
• Expansion of development of intra-regional and interregional air routes
• Creating regional air transportation hubs to attract investors
Roll up
15:00 – 15:30 Coffee break
Plenary discussion “Development of transport infrastructure: assessment of future effects and the potential for attracting investment”
Topics for discussion:
• The plan for development and modernization of highway infrastructure up to 2024
• Roads, railways, port and airport infrastructure - how to prioritize and form an "optimal portfolio" of projects that claim to support the state?
• The development fund as the key source of investment for transportation projects
• Aligning development plans for various transportation modes and non-transport infrastructure
• Approaches to building a highway network
• Long-term performance criteria for infrastructure companies as a driver of the country’s economy
Roll up


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